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Incepted in the year 1998, Ayurdara was founded to introduce the ideologies of Ayurvedic healing and lifestyle to the modern world. Observing the basic tenets of Ayurveda curated by the venerated Shri P. K. Sreedharan Vaidyar, Ayurdara upholds the age-old traditions of the 'science of life' in practice, while providing the right ambience and expertise in tune with the contemporary lifestyle.

The journey of Ayurdara began in 1948 when Sreedharan Vaidyar singlehandedly revolutionised Ayurvedic treatment with a simple clinic called Geetha Pharmacy. Over the next couple of years, visitors flocked to experience the curative touch of Vaidyar – a prodigious mind who learned the art of healing from his paternal uncle – a great mahavaidya of his time – and the establishment grew to new heights. The fame spread across the globe in no time and the legacy of Sreedharan Vaidyar thrived with the opening of Ayurdara by Dr. Subhash, son of Vaidyar. Launched and lauded as an all-on-one therapeutic centre.

Ayurdara is currently run by Dr Visakh, third generation member of the family and Dr Jyotsna. Ayurdara today is an Ayurvedic hotspot that offers treatment and rejuvenation programmes, customised to the individualistic traits of the client.

View of Ayurdara against the backdrop of beautiful Cochin backwaters.

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