Please use the contact form to write to us about your inquires on the Ayurveda treatments we provide. If you are inquiring about booking for therapy at Ayurdara, please mention the number of people coming, preferred duration of stay here and a brief history of your previous health problems if any.


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How can I book for a therapy at Ayurdara?

Please always make an appointment atleast three months in advance since we may be overbooked most of the times. For the months of December till March, always book atleast 6 months in advance. For enquiries please use the email form in the website. Please make sure you give you correct mail id. Reservations can only be confirmed against advanced payment of 20% of the total cost of the treatment and the balance can be paid anytime after you reach here at our center (in Indian Rupee, Euros, AU$, US$ or any currency that you bring with). Money changers are available on-call, you may not bother about changing the currency at the airport. Short notice reservations require full payment at any time. Booking fee is not refundable. The amount remaining after the cancellation fee will be adjusted for your next treatment and stay at Ayurdara and will be considered as an advance payment for your future treatment here.

Do I need Indian currency for local use ? Are ATMs available nearby?

Almost all local shops at the island deal in Indian rupees only. Some of the bigger shops may have facility for card payment. Euro, US / AU / Singapore / NZ dollars, or British Pounds etc. are easy to convert at the International airports or locally. There are 7 ATMs nearby, farthest at 3km from the guesthouse.

What will be the treatment timing?

Generally treatments are conducted in the mornings or afternoons. A single therapy is usually between 40 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the type of treatment. For ladies, there will be no treatment during their monthly menstrual cycle.

How can I arrange a taxi to pick me up from the airport on arrival?

We can arrange your travel from and to the airport for a fee. While making a reservation for the treatment, please write in the email that you need pick up from the airport. Please send the flight details (for knowing the day and time of arrival) to confirm your pick up.

What personal belongings should I pack while coming?

a) Clothes
For patients staying for 21 days, 6-7 pairs of clothes plus some night robes are required. Cotton clothes are always recommended. Towels for use during treatment will be provided by us. As the treatment uses medicated oils and powders for treatment, please do not pack new or very good clothes for the patient.
Bedspreads and bed sheets are provided. Laundry service for your clothes is provided at extra charge. Towels, bedspreads and sheets will be changed by us. b) Medication
Bring any medications which you currently take. Please inform in advance if refrigeration is needed for any of the medicines.
c) Cosmetics and Toiletries
Herbal bath soap, tooth paste and a pain balm is provided. You will have to pack all other toilet and personal items including toothbrush, hair oil, shampoo, moisturizer, sanitary napkins/tampons if needed etc.
d) Reading material and activity items
We do provide a nice library, if you love reading. You are allowed to bring your own reading material if you wish. If you do knitting/ crochet, you can get your kit along as you will have lot of free time. e) Medical reports
Please get essential medical records like X-rays, scans, blood reports etc. Please inform in advance if you have any known drug or food allergies.

Do I have a locker facility for my valuables?

Some rooms do have a safety locker available. But, we do not encourage guests to bring valuables. Since you will have to remove part or most of your jewellery while getting the treatment, it is better to leave them at home.

What food is served at Ayurdara? Do I get bottled water?

Since food is an imperitive part of therapy, the fresh vegetarian food served at our guest house is cooked according to Satvic Ayurvedic way, which will also help the ongoing treatments. We mostly use home grown spices and condiments for cooking. The price of accomodation includes three such meals a day. Bottled water is not provided free of cost. Our guest can collect water in bottles provided from the water filters (filtered with UV and Reverse osmosis) in the common area. The same water is also used for cooking. Breakfast time: Lunch time: Dinner time:

Is it okay to go outside during treatment period?

We always recommend not to do sternous exercises or tiring trips during the treatment period. You can always walk around in the locality, Fortcochin is also very close by and so is the beach. But swimming in the sea is not at all recommended during the treatment.

What facilities are available in the rooms?

Two single beds, one spacious wardrobe, desk and a chair, bathroom/toilet. 24/7 Free broadband WiFi internet. Selected rooms have airconditioning.

Is Yoga included in the Ayurvedic treatment plan?

No. Yoga is not a part of our Ayurvedic cure. It is not mandatory. But you can practice yoga during the day time. Meditation and gentle Yogic poses could help the Ayurvedic treatment also. We have a yoga guru who can give classes (60min daily) at request. Yoga mats are available in the lobby. You are also aloowed to practice on your own.