Ayurdara is the only ayurvedic treatment centre in Fortkochi which has been accredited with olive leaf by the Govt. of Kerala tourism department.

          The institution was founded with the blessings from late Shri. P.K.Sreedharan Vaidyar now under taken by his son, world renowned physician Dr.P.S.Subhash, his wife Jancy and their son Dr. Visakh and his wife Dr. Jyotsna.

Sreedharan Vaidyar, Dr. P.S.Visakh, Dr.Jyotsna K., Jancy and Dr.P.S.Subhash

         The family which has been bestowed with the knowledge in Ayurveda as a heirloom travels all over Europe to spread the message of Ayurveda.

         Lonely Planet ranks ayurdara as #1 among the top 15 destinations in Cochin. The the centre is also highly recommended by other popular guide books Let's Go, Foot Print etc.

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